Lifting & Firming Sale

Sale -39%
Elizabeth Arden

Eight Hour Lipcare Stick

HK$ 124.18
HK$ 205.53
A protective & hydrating lipstick
Sale -29%

Affirm Antioxidant Firming Serum

HK$ 505.27
HK$ 719.37
A firming peptide serum
Sale -15%

Extra Firming Body Lotion

HK$ 479.58
HK$ 565.22
An intensive firming body lotion
Sale -5%

HSR Lifting Extra Firming Serum

HK$ 1207.51
HK$ 1284.58
A lifting & anti-wrinkle serum

Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser

HK$ 248.35
Extra gentle, non-dry cream gel
Sale -31%

Hydro-Minerali Deluxe Age Control Lift Serum

HK$ 599.47
HK$ 873.52
A mineral-rich, rejuvenating face serum
Sale -11%
Kevyn Aucoin

Hydrazone - All Skin Types

HK$ 650.86
HK$ 736.49
A long-lasting facial moisturizer
Sale -28%
3W Clinic

Collagen Lifting Eye Cream

HK$ 154.15
HK$ 214.10
An intensive lifting eye cream
Sale -19%

All Day All Year

HK$ 2898.88
HK$ 3596.83
A luxurious skin care that offers skin 3 levels of protection
Sale -14%

Elite Gentle Clean Soothing Skin Cleanser

HK$ 329.71
HK$ 385.38
A gentle sulfate-free facial cleanser for sensitive skin
Sale -25%

Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer

HK$ 603.75
HK$ 805.01
An effective anti-aging face moisturizer

Ultra Facial Moisturizer - For All Skin Types

HK$ 333.99
This lightweight lotion is easily absorbed into skin
Sale -50%

Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum (Salon Size)

HK$ 1057.64
HK$ 2140.97
A potent soothing serum for sensitive skin
Sale -13%

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (Very Dry to Dry Combination;...

HK$ 239.79
HK$ 278.33
A moisturizing facial lotion for very dry to dry combination skin

Rinse Off Eye Make Up Solvent

HK$ 218.38
An oil-free eye makeup remover

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate

HK$ 676.55
A highly-concentrated calming serum
Sale -27%
DR. Hauschka

Daily Hydrating Eye Cream

HK$ 342.56
HK$ 471.01
A moisture-rich, rapid-dissolving eye cream
Sale -55%
Orico London

Hi Rise Rejuvenating Eye Elixir

HK$ 167.00
HK$ 376.81
An Ecocert certified organic rejuvenating eye serum

Instant Eye Make Up Remover

HK$ 256.92
For heavy or waterproof eye make-up

Absolue L'Extrait Ultimate Eye Contour Collection

HK$ 2337.94
A high-performance revitalizing eye treatment mask

Life Plankton Mask

HK$ 513.83
An extremely soothing & repairing facial mask
Sale -26%
3W Clinic

Collagen Regeneration Emulsion

HK$ 162.71
HK$ 222.66
A regenerating & moisturizing facial emulsion
Sale -22%
Nesti Dante

Dal Frantoio Olive Oil Vegetal Soap - Lavander

HK$ 29.97
HK$ 38.54
A botanically active, long-lasting cleansing soap bar
Sale -2%

CLEANSING Eye Make-Up Remover

HK$ 184.12
HK$ 188.41
Helps gently yet thoroughly cleanse the sensitive eye area & lashes
Sale -40%

Vitalization Rich Intensity Body Cleanser

HK$ 179.84
HK$ 304.02
A rich revitalizing body foam cleanser
Estee Lauder

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Creme Rich

HK$ 2663.37
Effectively reduces visible aging lines
Sale -26%
3W Clinic

Collagen Regeneration Cream

HK$ 162.71
HK$ 222.66
A regenerating & moisturizing facial cream
Sale -49%
Estee Lauder

New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System

HK$ 342.56
HK$ 676.55
An innovative 2-step eye treatment
Sale -39%

SR - Skin Rejuvenating Solution (Biological Sterilized Solution)

HK$ 1554.35
HK$ 2569.17
A powerful anti-aging facial treatment
Sale -13%

Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm

HK$ 1134.72
An intensely nourishing, delicately scented body balm

RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Face/ Neck Contour Cream

HK$ 171.28
A mild, groundbreaking rejuvenating cream
Sale -1%

Ampoule Concentrates Repair After Sun (Calming + Rejuvenation)

HK$ 338.27
HK$ 342.56
A repairing active concentrate for sun stressed skin
Sale -13%
DR. Brandt

Do Not Age Time Defying Cream

HK$ 980.57
HK$ 1130.43
A nourishing & revitalizing facial cream
Sale -3%

Continuous Nourishing & Protection Cream (For Dry Skin)

HK$ 436.76
HK$ 453.89
Repairs, protects, nourishes and softens the skin
Sale -23%

Hydrating-Vita Cream

HK$ 1310.28
HK$ 1712.78
A skin energizing facial moisturizer
Sale -6%

Antirougeurs Fort Relief Concentrate - For Sensitive Skin

HK$ 393.94
HK$ 419.63
An intensive anti-inflammatory facial concentrate for sensitive skin
Sale -33%

Aromatherapie Nourishing Cream - For Dry Skin

HK$ 299.74
HK$ 453.89
An aroma-therapeutic nourishing facial cream for dry skin
Sale -8%
DR. Hauschka

Rose Body Oil

HK$ 226.94
HK$ 248.35
Promotes health & well being of body organism

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