Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

Brand: Shiseido

Brand Line: Shiseido White Lucent

ID: #47340

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  • An intensive anti-dark circle brightening eye cream .
  • Formulated with a revolutionary ingredient Dark Circle Diminisher .
  • Targets the two major causes of dark circles: pigmented melanin formulation (brown circles) & poor micro-circulation (blue circles) .
  • Restrains melanin production & fades existing pigmentation .
  • Contains Super Hydro-Synergy Complex N to intensely moisturize & re-texturize skin.
  • Loaded with Hydra Luminizing Powder for instant brightening, wrinkle filling & moisture locking benefits.
  • Unveils a softer, smoother & more vibrant looking eye area.


Barcode: 729238103665
Original name White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream
Sold for a year 625
Type products for the face and body Cream
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Smoothing effect , Dark circles

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16 Review(s)

4.2 / 5

Reviews (16)

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Smoothing for hours

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chea rathsothea

good. it moisturize my skin but my dark circle still there

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sanchita singh

Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream.. I swear by Japanese beauty products ! This is an excellent product, needs sustained use to see the effect, but it's guaranteed.

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AMAZED. it does wonders, ive had very bad dark circles since the age of 15 and it used to get better when i used to get enough of sleep, but now it was worse than ever, i started seeing results in just 10 days, visible effect and a little amount of cream goes a long way, it still looks like i havent used the cream (its very full in box) and i've used it for 10 days and have seeen GREAT results!

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Kassie Knight

Fantastic. Fantastic Product once again delivered to my door step. one stop shop right from my computer desk :)

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Nora Marcelli

Perfect eye cream. you can actually see the difference right away after you apply. perfect price, comparing to the stores that sell on twice or even 3 times higher.

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Ramelia Vala

Anti-Dark Cirlces Eye Cream. This is great for my eyes at 50 I have not wrinkles perfect, however I have Indian descent so I still have the dark circles up my eyes otherwise it's great. Most importantly I have no skin rash, have used other brands in the past where my eyes have become inflamed.

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worth tte money. White Lucent products are really good. I have a very thin skin and can see the blood vessel under my eyes which make me look tired :( I have tried a couple of different products for dark circles and this is one of the best ones. I use this product morning and night and feel a lot less dark circles now. It is bit pricy but worth the money

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sonia bluvshtein

didn't see a big difference. nice texture but i didn't notice a big difference

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bess perry

eye cream. think its great and so is the price

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