Oscar De La Renta Volupte Eau De Toilette Spray

Volupte Eau De Toilette Spray

Brand: Oscar De La Renta

Brand Line: Oscar De La Renta Volupte

ID: #43158

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  • A subtle, yet perfect scent for the season.
  • Embraces with melon, mandarin, mimosa, carnation, lily & jasmine.
  • Perfect for daytime wear.


Barcode: 325255083254
Original name Volupte Eau De Toilette Spray
Sold for a year 128
Type products for the face and body Spray
Aroma Jasmine , Mandarin
Type of perfume Eau De Toilette

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4.4 / 5

Reviews (19)

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Oscar De La Renta Volupte Eau De Toilette. Jus love this perfume, an old one but still beautiful. Great for day wear as not too strong being toilette.

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Anonymous user

Everyday wear. Fresh and long lasting floral scent.

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Anonymous user

present for my sister. It was a blind buy and present to my sister. She adored it

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nicky chapman

timeless. this is and oldy but a goody long lasting and unique scent

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Erin Walcroft

Not for me. This was quite strong - somewhat bitter for my taste. A bit headache inducing. But a friend took it off my hands and loved it - so personal taste :)

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Elizabeth Keogh

A bit intense. It's a bit intense, musky and a tad too mature for my tastes (I'm guessing it's more for the 50 and 60 year olds).

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claire duncan

A favourite. Mmmmm... I love this perfume. I always get compliments when I wear it. A classical, gentle fragrance.

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Sumita Lahiri

Makes an impression, in a good way!. This is a very long lasting fragrance, redolent with flowers. Surprisingly, its not too sweet or heavy and can be worn very comfortably in hot weather - just spray a little lightly. It reminds a little of Valentino Valentina and Lancome Tresor. This is a fragrance that is subtle but will definitely be noticed. Not for when someone wants a really light fragrance though. The only thing I don't like is the bottle, its not nice looking.

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The best from Oscar - Green, Powdery, Vanilla. Volupte is simply the best. Lovely scent story from start to finish, awesome longevity (More than 12hrs). Don't be bothered about the fact that it's an EDT. It's sour, oriental, sweet, warm, vanilla-ish and powdery. It's every thing a lady should smell like. If you love Amarige - Givenchy you'll love this. Having used it before, and ordered another bottle again, I highly recommend.

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