Lancome Bocage Caress Deodorant Roll-On

Bocage Caress Deodorant Roll-On

Brand: Lancome

Brand Line: Lancome Bocage Deodorant

ID: #15616

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  • A handy, alcohol-free deodorant roll-on.
  • Gives a cheerful sensation of freshness .
  • Delivers an immediate, effective & long lasting deodorant protection.
  • Offers the greatest comfort with just an appropriate amount of application.
  • Apply daily for an incredible sensation of protection & well-being.


Barcode: 3605530931663
Original name Bocage Caress Deodorant Roll-On
Sold for a year 455
Type products for the face and body Roller

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16 Review(s)

4.3 / 5

Reviews (16)

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Svetlana Corwin

Recommended. I would recommend this product for nice fragrance and effectiveness.

user avatar
Ganna Grebinichenko

Great deo. Great deo with mild neutral classic smell - it doesn't last 24 hours - but is perfect in it's own way.

user avatar
Louise Keller

Soft elegance. A beautiful product. Worth every cent, this effective roll-on deodorant has a delicate neutral fragrance, is easy and non-sticky to apply. And it does what it promises.

user avatar
Rachel Hay

Subtle. Beautiful clean fragrance without overpowering smell and stickiness. I can't go pst this deodorant!

user avatar
Vesna Klarica

Excelent with no parfume. Exelent deodorance with which you can freely use any parfume

user avatar
joan varley

LOVE IT!!. This is beautiful and I love using it. Lancome products are great and this is wonderful to use. I recommend it highly. Very good deodorant.

user avatar
Louise Keller

Silky smooth. This is my favourite deodorant of all time. Beautiful to use - silky smooth. Inconspicuous but effective

user avatar
Elena Luk'yanenko

It just works. I've been using this deodorant for years. It's gentle to my skin and I can apply it right after shaving with no issues. I love it for it's subtle smell and it's ability to keep me fresh all day. If you are in humid and hot climat it will not protect your underarms from getting wet though.

user avatar
Sonia Stensen

it's OK. I love this one. It smells nice&fresh, and I´m always sure that I also smell like that when using this. Don´t be scarred for the heavy smell when you first try it on, It is not that dominant as you might think

user avatar
Michele Fayadas

my favorite deo. I wear this deo for many years. I love the smell and the texture. Difficult to find in Canada

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