Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash -11%

Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash

Brand: Origins

ID: #47244

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  • This cleanser balances the need of dry & oily places on face.
  • Broad leaf kelp Extract controls excess oil production.
  • Wheat protein protects dry prone zones.
  • Tourmaline makes water wetter to disperse dirt & sebum effectively.
  • Bergamot, spearmint & lavender give pleasant aroma.
  • Leaves skin feeling comfortably refreshed & clean.
  • Perfect for combination skin.


Barcode: 717334070219
Original name Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash
Skin type Problem , Combined
Tool properties Cleansing , Smoothing effect , Control oily skin
Aroma Bergamot , Lavender

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8 Review(s)

4.6 / 5

Reviews (8)

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Ludy Liu

have been used it for years, recommend product

user avatar
Gina Grizaard

A little harsh for my skin

user avatar
Sonya Mcilroy

love this facewash. have used it for many years. luxurious.

user avatar
Camilla Peet

It gets lovely and foamy which makes it feel like it is doing a really good cleansing job.

user avatar
Nicola Stevenson

I bought this in July & I still have over a third of it left - you don't need to use much & it is so good. Previous face washes designed for oily/combo skin had not done much for my skin, even giving me deep, painful pimples after a week's usage. I was waiting for it with this & it never happened! It leaves my skin feeling clean & fresh. I use this during the day & at night - I use the GinZing Scrub Cleanser in the morning & the Active Charcoal Mask once a week.

user avatar
Marcela Gram

Leaves my skin revived after every use

user avatar
Shiri Yaniv

I've been using this face wash for years. It's very gentle, smells good and leaves my skin clean and soft but not over-dry

user avatar
Paula Vuonnala

I have finally found the perfect face wash for my skin type. I am woman on my late twenties and have suffered from difficult acne all my life. Its mostly hormonal, so I have to be on the pill all the time but I also need to be very careful with the skin care I use. So far all the other face washes designed for oily/acne/combination skin have been too strong and dried out my skin too much, leaving it tense and sensitive and clogging the pores further, which then causes more outbreaks. This wash is absolutely perfect at balancing it out; removing the excess oil from the problem areas (chin, nose, forehead) but not leaving it too dry and also leaving the other areas feeling soft and balanced. Definitely recommend to everyone with problem skin, especially those who also have it sensitive and are suffering from adult acne! The 150 ml bottle lasts for about two months, and I use it twice a day!

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