Sisley Botanical Gentle Facial Buffing Cream

Botanical Gentle Facial Buffing Cream

Brand: Sisley

Brand Line: Sisley Botanical

ID: #17414

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  • Eliminates impurities and dead cells with fine polishing granules.
  • Exfoliating formula improves your skin's texture.
  • Increases its receptiveness to other treatments.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


Barcode: a238001701
Original name Botanical Gentle Facial Buffing Cream
Sold for a year 105
Skin type Problem , For all skin types
Type products for the face and body Cream
Tool properties Exfoliating action , Cleansing , Smoothing effect

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11 Review(s)

4.1 / 5

Reviews (11)

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The best for dry mature skim, it cleans face very well and no dry feeling.

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Sasakamol Chamchoy

Face scrub. I love the product, very mind and it make my skin so clean

user avatar
Melanie García

Great. Really great, even help me with my black dots

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Samantha Sikalas

Great exfoliant facial product. Read about this product and had to try it. Helps remove dead skin and skin feels amazing afterwards. I also really like the smell. I will try and use this about once every 1-2 months but sometimes I will apply a small amount on my pimples before I go to bed. I find it definitely assist with drying out the pimple and helps it heal faster.

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April Chye

Great exfoliator, leaves skin soft and glowy. I use this buffing cream once a week on completely dry skin. The product is quite fragranced, and feels sandy when patting on skin. I apply a thin layer and let the product dry (expect a tingling pulling feeling as the clay in the buffing cream begins to pull out impurities from your skin). Once completely dry, I scrub off the sandy particles - they are a whitish grey and take away with them bits of dead skin, dirt, and other impurities stuck on your skin surface. Once scrubbed off, skin is completely smooth and baby soft! I would definitely repurchase this again.

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Best buffing cream. Left my skin renewed and reenergized without drying it like some other exfoliating products, lovely botanical smell, I'm not a fan of fragrance or artificial smells so Sisley products are my favourite. The jar will last long (it's my third jar) and they never fail to make my day :)

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Michael Kang

Mild and very easy to use. I am beginning to like sisley products more. They are generally quite mild and ok for sensitive skin. This one leaves my skin really soft and glowy. It exfoliate very gently and a tub can last quite a long time as we are suppose to only use it once a week

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Valeria S

Приятный скрабик с ощущением натуральности и неплохой эффективностью. Кожа мягкая, шелковая, без воспалений после него.

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Sisley Растительный Нежный Отшелушивающий Крем для. Что может быть лучше Sisley? А ничего другого и не надо.Натуральные компоненты, превосходное качество.Ставлю 5 баллов

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Margot King

Really great. Regular use keeps skin looking young - gently takes off top layer of skin cells (apply, let dry and then buff off). Allows other products to work better (e.g. Masks).

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