SK II Facial Treatment Mask -2%

Facial Treatment Mask

Brand: SK II

Brand Line: SK II Facial Treatment

ID: #17505

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  • A nourishing facial treatment mask.
  • Contains Pitera to nourish your skin instantly.
  • Visibly lightens blemishes & eliminates fine lines.
  • Greatly improves the quality of skin texture.
  • Provides an instant burst of refreshment.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


Barcode: 4979006595840
Original name Facial Treatment Mask
Sold for a year 1532
Skin type For all skin types
Type products for the face and body Mask
Tool properties Skin nutrition , Smoothing effect , Anti-aging effect , Against acne

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33 Review(s)

4.6 / 5

Reviews (33)

user avatar
Su In Koay

Already bought several times.

user avatar
yuna zhao

Comfortable. definitely the mask that i will keep buying

user avatar
Annie Clark

INCREDIBLE. Honestly, these are literally a miracle, because they work magic. Generous amount of serum in each means you can use one mask (or the excess serum) over a few days. Better than any facial - if you use the dr Dennis gross peel wipes before hand, you'll be complimented all day long

user avatar
Fumiko Nichol

Great face Mask. My skin loves it so much and revived the day after I do this mask..

user avatar
Wanwan Liao

Wan. One of the best mask on the market. Does everything it says. only very expensive. Highly recommended if you have the budget!

user avatar
Mary T.

Very Good but..... for the price and the reputation I was expecting great so I've been a bit disappointed.

user avatar

super mask ever. one of my best mask ever! I have been felt in love with this mask since the 1st time using it, and I threw away other moisturizing mask then. love it !

user avatar
Charles Cheung

Really worth buying. Good to use it as a course of Rx. Great to reduce the pore size and improve the skin texture. Remember to keep the serum from the package for subsequent use, as there are a lot. Only criticism is that the fabric of the mask is a bit thick

user avatar
Anne Ho

So far so good. Whenever I feel my skin dehydrated, this product does not fail me. After applying, my skin feels much fresher and softer. I hope that I can use it more often.

user avatar
Peggy Lim

Pricey but the best mask ever. big difference after using the mask. Face more white and supple. expensive mask but well worth the money.

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