Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk -40%

Intral Cleansing Milk

Brand: Darphin

Brand Line: Darphin Intral

ID: #12668

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  • Soothing & calming cleanser .
  • Gently removes makeup and impurities.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth .
  • Prevents redness.
  • Suitable for sensitive and dry skin.


Barcode: 882381005597
Original name Intral Cleansing Milk
Sold for a year 896
Skin type Dry , Sensitive , Problem
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Removal of irritation , Cleansing , Calming effect , Smoothing effect

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18 Review(s)

4.4 / 5

Reviews (18)

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nothing else worth noting, you'll need extra cleaning power for eye makeup

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Chelsea Daly

I have used this cleanser for over 10 years and I still love it. I recently tried a different one and I’m back to my old favourite removes my makeup without drying out my skin and without the need to moisturize instantly.

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Thuy Bui

Good for sensitive skin. I use it during the time my skin is sensitive and it does comfort my skin, It has a beautiful calming effect . It cleanses so deep, and it also so gentle at the same time. Will buy again especially when there is a promotion

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Vivian Blaxell

Nothing better. Gently removes all makeup, even eyes, without scrubbing or burning and then rinses away with a warm flannel. Smells great and one needs so little to do the job, the 200ml bottle lasts a long time. No other cleanser comes close. Darphin is the best!

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Shanice Yeo

It's work great on my sensitive skin. Love the minty feel on my face when you applied it. It's remove my make up effortlessly.

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Jessica Lee

Best cleasing milk. I have been using this for 5+ years now. A cleansing milk that is gentle for sensitive skin, does not cause tightness and its mildly scented.

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So gentle, but it works, without any irritation. It's a very gentle product which I need for my skin, completely removes make up and leaves skin clean without stripping it. It suits my sensitive, combination skin with having particular characteristics and requiring specific care and treatment. Taking care of combination and sensitive skin can be hard, but it leaves leaves my skin soft and fresh with no residue after cleansing. Soft and lightly perfumed, pleasant scent, didn't break me out. It really calms my sensitive skin down while giving a natural and light exfoliation. I am delighted with my order that arrived very quickly, packed well. I would recommend this service and this product a 5 stare rating.

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Lidia Piferrer Torres

cleansing is a ritual. Cleanses perfectly fine. Smooth texture and very gentle to the skin. Plus it smells divine. Makes you look forward taking off your makeup everyday.

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Kerrie Leon

Nice cleanser. I purchased the Darphin eye gel and was so happy with the purchase I followed it up with this cleanser. It is a nice cleanser - I use it in the morning shower routine rather than at night when I am taking off my makeup. I feel it is a gentle cleanser so it is better suited for the morning routine when a deep cleanse is not necessary. No negatives - but nothing to rave about. But then again, I don't know that a cleanser is rave worthy!

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June Nevin

Dauphin Cleansing milk. One of my two favourite brands. Highly commend if you have sensitive skin

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