Young.Again (Immortelle Infused Treatment Oil)

HK$ 478.76
A lightweight leave-in hair treatment oil

Adenogen Hair Energizing Formula

HK$ 659.35
An extra-intensive, invigorating treatment for people with thinning hair or hair loss

Lavender Conditioner

HK$ 247.78
Helps detangle hair for better manageability
Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Special Shampoo (Invigorating Cleanser)

HK$ 201.58
An invigorating, subtly scented shampoo

Turbo Vent Brush

HK$ 96.59
A turbo vent brush for blow-drying short to mid-length hair

Dry Dandruff Shampoo with Celery & Propolis (For Dry Scalp)

HK$ 184.78
A natural, anti-dandruff shampoo for dry scalp
Wet Brush

Time Release Detangler - For Kids

HK$ 369.57
Contains Keratinosomes, tiny microscopic particles that encapsulate the active ingredients & release them for up to three days
Sale -20%

Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes Re-energize Shampoo

HK$ 100.79
HK$ 125.99
An invigorating medium-weight shampoo

Angel.Rinse (A Volumising Conditioner - For Fine, Dry or Coloured Hair)

HK$ 340.17
A lightweight volumizing conditioner for fine, dry or colored hair

No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

HK$ 289.78
A gentle, moisturising shampoo for coloured & damaged hair

Blue Malva Color Conditioner

HK$ 331.77
A deep conditioner to replenish moisture & control frizz

Repair-Me.Rinse (Reconstructing Stregthening Conditioner)

HK$ 436.76
A repairing & re-constructing conditioner
Sale -13%
Philip Kingsley

Re-Moisturizing Smoothing Conditioner

HK$ 218.38
HK$ 251.98
A vegan-friendly, hydrating conditioner for coarse hair textures that crave hydration
Sale -16%

Catwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner - For Blondes and Highlights (Not Pump)

HK$ 260.38
HK$ 310.77
A sulfate-free conditioner for blondes, highlights & non-pigmented hair

Normal Persons Daily Conditioner (Pump)

HK$ 247.78
A gentle conditioner especially for normal to oily hair

Bel Air Smoothing Conditioner + Anti-Oxidant Complex

HK$ 793.73
A smoothing anti-oxidant conditioner for thick, curly or frizz-prone hair
Sale -51%

U Luxury Pearl & Honey Conditioner

HK$ 167.99
HK$ 344.37
A luxurious conditioner for all hair types
Paul Mitchell

Ultimate Color Repair Mask (Anti-Fade - Intense Repair)

HK$ 298.18
An ultra-rich, deep conditioning mask for color-treated hair

Turbo Styling Brush (CB09)

HK$ 125.99
Features CHI 44 Ceramic Nylon Tips for superior comfort

Smoothing Shampoo

HK$ 319.17
A smoothing & detangling shampoo
Sale -1%

Dry Scalp Treatment - Dry

HK$ 314.97
HK$ 319.17
A professional scalp treatment

Spray Applicator

HK$ 172.19
A patented tool that attaches to Regular & Economy size bottles of Toppik Hair Fibers

Water Works Clarifying Shampoo (Curl Essentials)

HK$ 550.15
A clarifying shampoo for curls
Sale -61%
Mason Pearson

Boar Bristle - Large Extra Military Pure Bistle Large Size Hair Bush (Dark Ruby)

HK$ 1133.91
HK$ 2939.76
Features eight rings of extra stiff pure boar bristle tufts

Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo

HK$ 298.18
A cleaning agent that promote a healthy scalp

Color Conserve Conditioner

HK$ 331.77
A plant-based conditioner for color-treated hair
Sale -2%

VitalCurl+ Clear & Gentle Shampoo (Classic Curls)

HK$ 163.79
HK$ 167.99
A balancing shampoo for classic curls
Sale -8%

Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Smooth-In-Motion Shampoo (For All Unruly Hair)

HK$ 331.77
HK$ 361.17
A smoothing shampoo for unruly hair
American Crew

Men Defining Paste

HK$ 167.99
This styling paste adds texture & definition to hair
American Crew

Men Grooming Cream

HK$ 167.99
Creates a straight, sleek look
Sale -23%

The Revitalizing Oil

HK$ 352.77
HK$ 461.96
A versatile, aromatic revitalizing treatment oil for skin & hair

Brilliant Pommade Humectante

HK$ 356.97
Humectant-rich pomade, with plant-derived aroma

Shampure Nurturing Conditioner

HK$ 214.18
A 98% naturally derived, silicone-free conditioner

Sun Care After-Sun Hair Mask

HK$ 369.57
An intensive cream masque that repairs sun-exposed hair

Anti.Gravity.Spray (Weightless Hair Spray)

HK$ 377.97
A lightweight, non-aerosol hair spray

Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo

HK$ 340.17
A repairing & strengthening shampoo
Sale -9%

Healing Smooth Smoother Straightening Balm

HK$ 197.38
HK$ 218.38
Helps temporarily straighten curls & waves

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