For neckline

Sale -10%

Super Restorative Decollete & Neck Concentrate

HK$ 836.90
HK$ 937.93
An intensive fluid cream for décolleté, neck & tops of shoulders
Sale -25%

Time To Revitalize Extreme Firming Neck & Decollete Cream

HK$ 444.71
HK$ 598.33
A multi-tasking neck & décolleté cream

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate

HK$ 638.76
A highly-concentrated calming serum
Sale -23%

Celestial Black Diamond Neck & Decolletage Serum

HK$ 2486.35
HK$ 3234.23
NAC Y2: A blend of amino acids, antioxidants and vasoprotectors, 111SKIN’s signature complex ensures the skin works at an optimised function,...
Sale -22%

Pro-Collagen Neck & Decollete Balm

HK$ 513.47
HK$ 663.02
A targeted, powerful treatment for neck & décolleté
Sale -41%

Спрей S.O.S. Tea Tree 200ml/6.8oz

HK$ 545.82
HK$ 933.92
Contains Tea Tree Oil from Australia
Sale -0%
Skin Medica

Neck Correct Cream - For Neck & Decollete

HK$ 1083.47
HK$ 1091.55
A powerfully effective serum to prevent & address the visible signs of neck aging
Natura Bisse

Tensolift Neck Cream

HK$ 1702.05
An alternative to micro-injection & surgeon
Natura Bisse

Inhibit Tensolift Neck Mask

HK$ 206.22
An intensive lifting treatment for neck & décolleté
Sale -23%

Renew - Lift Contours (Neck & Decollete Care)

HK$ 828.81
HK$ 1079.46
An anti-aging treatment for the neck & cleavage
La Mer

The Neck and Decollete Concentrate

HK$ 2737.01
An intensive firming & lifting treatment for the neck & décolleté
Sale -7%

Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream

HK$ 760.04
HK$ 824.73
A powerful firming treatment for neck & décolleté
Sale -18%

V-Neck Smoothing Creme (Salon Product, For All Skin Types)

HK$ 452.79
HK$ 557.90
A non-greasy, anti-aging neck cream
Sale -0%

Ageless Phyto-Retinol Neck Cream

HK$ 416.45
HK$ 420.45
An effective anti-aging neck cream
Sale -21%

AWF5 V-Neck Cream (Neck & Décolletage Lifting Cream)

HK$ 1968.88
HK$ 2506.53
An effective lifting cream for neck & décolletage
Sale -11%

Firm-A-Fix Nectar Serum Lifting Neck & Decollete Serum

HK$ 861.15
HK$ 970.27
An anti-gravity, firming & brightening treatment for neck & décolleté
Sale -49%

Perfect Neck Cream

HK$ 808.56
HK$ 1617.11
An advanced anti-aging neck cream

Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream

HK$ 881.33
An advanced cream that helps revitalize the delicate neck area
Sale -4%

Neck Fit Refining Masque PRO (Salon Product)

HK$ 1253.26
HK$ 1309.86
Specifically designed to address the needs of the neck & chest
Sale -21%
Prevage by Elizabeth Arden

Anti-Aging Neck And Decollete Firm & Repair Cream

HK$ 776.21
HK$ 986.44
An advanced revitalizing cream for fragile neck & décolleté
Sale -3%

Phytobuste + Decollete Intensive Firming Bust Compound

HK$ 2263.96
HK$ 2344.82
An intensive firming & toning treatment for bust & décolleté
Sale -11%
Perricone MD

Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D/Neck

HK$ 970.27
HK$ 1091.55
A multi-tasking treatment for the neck & jawline
Sale -8%

Triple Action Neck Creme

HK$ 517.48
HK$ 565.99
A powerful, fast-absorbing, exfoliating treatment for neck & décolleté

Fermitif Neck Renewal Cream SPF15

HK$ 1406.89
Created by American plastic surgeon Dr Bays Brown
Sale -1%

Neck Fit Contour Serum

HK$ 679.19
HK$ 687.27
A high-potency firming serum for the neck & décolleté
Sale -12%
DR. Brandt

Do Not Age Firming Neck Cream

HK$ 473.05
HK$ 541.73
A powerful anti-aging neck cream
Sale -31%

Age Correction Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift With Hibiscus Peptides -...

HK$ 594.33
HK$ 873.24
A smoothing & firming gel for neck, décolleté & bust
Sale -0%
Natura Bisse

Inhibit Tensolift Neck Serum

HK$ 2737.01
HK$ 2749.09
An ultra-concentrated, lifting serum for the neck & décolleté areas
Sale -11%
Perricone MD

Cold Plasma Plus+ Neck & Chest Broad Spectrum SPF 25

HK$ 638.76
HK$ 719.62
An anti-aging & protective treatment for the neck & chest
Sale -13%

Supreme Jeunesse Cou & Decollete - Remodeling & Tensor Roll-On

HK$ 557.90
HK$ 646.85
A youth-enhancing & re-sculpting roll-on treatment for neck & décolleté
Sale -5%

Extra-Firming Neck & Decollete Care

HK$ 723.70
HK$ 768.13
A firming & sculpting cream for neck & décolleté
Sale -31%

Firming Neck & Decollete Serum

HK$ 667.10
HK$ 970.27
A firming treatment for the vulnerable neck & décolleté
Sale -10%

Elevate Firming & Lifting Neck Cream

HK$ 606.42
HK$ 679.19
An ultra-firming & moisturizing neck cream
Sale -1%

Longue Vie Decollete Serum - Smoothing & Firming Youth Serum For Decollete

HK$ 541.73
HK$ 549.82
A rejuvenating treatment serum for décolleté
Sale -1%
DR. Hauschka

Regenerating Neck And Decollete Cream

HK$ 517.48
HK$ 525.56
A rich & gentle regenerating cream for neck & decollete

Biodynamic Lifting Neck Cream

HK$ 1568.60
A targeted neck lifting treatment
Sale -6%

HSR Lifting Extra Firming Neck & Decollete Cream

HK$ 974.35
HK$ 1043.04
An extra firming neck & décolleté cream
Sale -13%

Enhancers Lift Effect Serum Neck and Decollete

HK$ 1010.70
HK$ 1172.41
A firming spray serum for the jaw, neck & décolleté

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