Anti-cellulite remedies

Sale -11%

Advanced Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel - Anti-Cellulite

HK$ 448.54
HK$ 509.11
A weightless, cooling & non-sticky body gel
Sale -6%

Moisture Rich Body Lotion with Shea Butter (Dry Skin)

HK$ 347.49
HK$ 371.73
Formulated with natural botanicals
Sale -38%

LL - Lipolytic Solution (Biological Sterilized Solution)

HK$ 1499.10
HK$ 2424.35
A high-performance anti-cellulite & slimming treatment

Celluli Eraser

HK$ 444.46
An efficacious body slimming treatment gel
Sale -22%

Defi Cellulite Expert Correction For Stubborn Cellulite

HK$ 428.30
HK$ 549.52
An advanced anti-cellulite body gel
Sale -14%

Herboriste Détox Concentré Anti-Captions Serum-In-Oil Celluite Corrector

HK$ 266.68
HK$ 311.16
An intensive cellulite-correcting serum for body
Sale -13%

Body Shaping Cream

HK$ 505.11
HK$ 581.84
A rich massage cream for the body
Sale -2%

Concentrated Body Slimming Cream

HK$ 432.38
HK$ 444.46
An intensive slimming body cream
Sale -20%
Diego Dalla Palma Milano

Body Trainer 30 - 30 Days Reshaping Intensive Program

HK$ 541.44
HK$ 678.82
Body Trainer 30 - 30 Days Reshaping Intensive Program:
Sale -6%

Body Specifics Phyto 152 Firming Vivifying (Body Cream)

HK$ 557.60
HK$ 598.01
A powerful anti-sagging & soothing body cream
Sale -2%
Mama Mio

Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter

HK$ 387.90
HK$ 395.98
An anti-stretch mark treatment for tummy, breasts, hips & thighs
Sale -10%
Kanebo Sensai

Sensai Cellular Performance Body Firming Emulsion

HK$ 961.66
HK$ 1074.79
A rich, hydrating anti-aging body emulsion
Sale -21%

Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

HK$ 476.79
HK$ 606.09
An innovative body contouring treatment
Pevonia Botanica

Green Coffee Concentrate (Salon Size)

HK$ 925.33
A detoxifying treatment to smooth & boost body's texture

Slim Logic Slimming Cream

HK$ 501.03
An advanced anti-fatigue body cream
Sale -11%

Gommage "Peau D'Orange" Body Scrub

HK$ 323.25
HK$ 363.65
An exfoliating body gel
Sale -26%

Body Sculpt Draining Anticellulite Gel

HK$ 452.55
HK$ 614.17
An anti-cellulite & anti-water retention gel
Pevonia Botanica

Stem Cells Intensive Body Corrector

HK$ 812.20
An intensive anti-aging body treatment
Sale -4%

Herboriste Détox Gelée Minceur 3-EN-1 - Refining, Firming And Toning Care

HK$ 375.81
HK$ 391.98
A slimming & firming body treatment

Sabon Body Scrub - Ginger Orange

HK$ 311.16
A delicately-scented, revitalizing body scrub
Sale -24%

Doctor Babor Refine Cellular 3D Cellulite Fluid

HK$ 569.76
HK$ 755.63
A firming & anti-cellulite active concentrate for the body
Sale -8%

Advanced Body Creator Super Slimming Reducer

HK$ 561.68
HK$ 614.17
An effective anti-cellulite & sliming body gel cream

Superieur Body Nightly Renewing Serum

HK$ 2048.61
A high-performance, fast-acting body serum
Sale -12%
Cellcosmet & Cellmen

Cellcosmet BodyGommage-XT (Exfoliating Body Sculpting Cream For Men &...

HK$ 1268.74
HK$ 1454.61
An effective, pleasurable exfoliating body cream for men & women

Creme 55

HK$ 594.00
A body slimming, phyto-aromatic massage cream
Sale -26%

Body Sculpt Cooling & Draining Gel - Thighs & Legs

HK$ 303.08
HK$ 412.14
A cold gel treatment for heavy legs & ankles
Sale -26%

Body Sculpt Stubborn Areas Anticellulite Cream

HK$ 440.46
HK$ 598.01
Improves the appearance of the orange peel skin associated with stubborn cellulite
Sale -20%

Body Firming Extra-Firming Cream

HK$ 444.46
HK$ 557.60
A firming & pampering body cream with an irresistible velvety texture

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